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Why European Surgical ?

We Only Treat Anal Diseases.

Outpatient treatment without hospitalization and without surgery

Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment

Now the new era has begun with the Laser Method in Hemorrhoid Treatment. Healing from hemorrhoid is much easier in the form of Non-Hospitalized, Non-Surgical Laser Treatment.



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Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

Not only are our patients comfortably treated with laser sinus treatment,

they can also go home on the same day by having a quick stage in the healing



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Laser Fissure Treatment

With the Anal Fissure Laser Method, the most appropriate treatment method is determined and performed without any need for hospitalization. Afterwards, you can continue your normal life from where you left off.


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Laser Fistula Treatment

Does the anal fistula affect your daily life a lot?

”We eliminate your Anal abscess in a short time with the Non-Surgical Laser Method,providing outpatient treatment without the need for incision stitches and narcosis.


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Laser Genital Wart Treatment

Nowadays, Genital Wart (HPV) Treatment with Non-Surgical Laser is now very easy.

Quick and comfortable removal of the warts on the tissue by getting to the root provides a great advantage to the person.

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Non-Surgical Laser Treatment

How do we
treat Anal diseases?

The non-surgical Laser Method which we apply to the Anal diseases with the
latest technological method, within 5-8 minutes by providing our patients with
outpatient treatment.

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No Hospitalization

Possibility of both examination and treatment on the same day!
Thanks to the one-day treatment, no hospitalization is required

No Anesthesia

You can continue using the medicines you use regularly! Because thanks to laser treatment, narcosis is not needed

No Cut or Stitch

During the treatment, no cuts or stitches are applied to the skin and tissues of the anus.

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Weekdays – 09:00 – 18:00;
Saturday – 09:00 – 14:00;
Sunday – Closed;

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