Why Should You Choose European Surgical?

With our healthcare team, who has been serving completely in the field of proctology (anal diseases) for 16 years, We are leading the way by performing laser treatment without any surgery.

We follow all current information and developments related to proctology (anal Diseases), local and foreign sources, and apply our special treatment technique open to innovations.

In our detached center, where the equipment are completely designed for Proctology

We serve you with our expert Proctology Doctors who have comprehensive knowledge and experience, and our experienced health personnel.

The accessible location and convenient transportation, allow patients to easily get to our center and clinics in Istanbul from anywhere in the world, undergo examination and subsequent laser treatment, which does not require hospitalization.

Our basic principle is outpatient laser method, which we apply to our patients with special techniques.by offering the advantage of rapid treatment We aim to provide a more comfortable treatment process.

Why Outpatient Laser Fissure Treatment?

  • Narcosis is not applied and therefore no side effects due to narcosis.
  •  Since there is no surgery, no tests and analysis are required before treatment.
  •  Being hungry or full does not prevent you from being treated.
  •  No cut or stitches are applied.
  •  As the tissues are not damaged, healing is fast.
  •  You can be examined and treated at the same time.
  • As it is comfortable and fast like tooth filling, it does not require hospitalization.
  •  The Pain is less or almost not exist
  •  Complications in classical surgery operations are not observed. (Gas incontinence, stool incontinence, severe pain sensations ..)
  •  It can be applied in patients with chronic conditions (heart, diabetes, blood pressure, rhythm disorder, etc.).

Techniques Applied in Non-Surgical Fissure Treatment

  • Muscle relaxant-injection therapy
  • Laser treatment
  • Electrosurgery Treatment
  • Radiofrequency treatment

These techniques can be applied individually or in combination in accordance with the Patient’s situation.

How is the Treatment Process is done in European Surgical?

Making an Appointment

If you want to start a quick treatment process you can make an appointment by calling on or via WhatsApp at the number
+90 552 608 3921  +905 31 656 7521.


Examination Process

When your examination day comes, after the diagnosis made by your doctor, the most appropriate form of treatment is determined for you.

Treatment Process

As soon as you decide on the treatment (may be on the same day),
we can perform laser Fissure treatment.

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